Supporting Electronic Equipment Since 1996

Hard Tech Group have been in the Electronic Repair and Refurbishment business for 25 years utilising equipment and expertise to service and repair virtually any piece of electronic equipment at full component level. We stand by our service and offer our customers a full comprehensive warranty on all work we perform.


We service the electronic equipment or boards at full component level which reduces material costs dramatically, we save our customers on average 70% of the typical costs they would incur using alternative solutions. 

 Consumer Service

AV Repair

Television, Cell Phone, Headphone, Laptop, MP3, Tablet Repair, Projector, Blu-ray Disc Player/Recorder, DVD Player, Digital Video Camera, Audio, Multimedia System, Streaming Player, SD/Disc/DVC Tape, and more..

Home Communication

Telephone, Consumer Fax, Network Camera, Home Printer, Home Network Products 

Business Service

Office Equipment Repair

HD Visual Communications, Digital Imaging System, Network Camera, Computer and Laptop Repair, Business Copier, Fax, Printer, Office Communication Systems
Projector Repair
Medical Equipment Repair
POS Workstation Repair
Terminal Repair

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