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Samsung IC1302 (NAND Flash K9GAG08UOE) Programmed UN55D6003SFXZA, UN55D6005SFXZA, UN46D6003SFXZA

Samsung IC1302 (NAND Flash K9GAG08UOE) Programmed UN55D6003SFXZA, UN55D6005SFXZA, UN46D6003SFXZA
Buy a brand new, programmed and tested IC1302 (NAND Flash K9GAG08UOE) Programmed for Samsung UN55D6003SFXZA, UN55D6005SFXZA, UN46D6003SFXZA


Main board part numbers using that chip are BN94-05429C, BN94-05429D, BN94-05656X and possibly others based on PCB BN41-01732A

As with most if not all other cases for failed firmware there is no simple and definite way to test confirm the problem is there, let alone only there. Below are some symptoms we've seen caused by a defective memory IC however you should bear in mind other failures may lead to the same symptoms.

    * TV constantly resets - shows the logo Samsung Smart TV - TV continually reset without displaying logos SAMSUNG SMART TV
    * The TV constantly resets when the application ( widget ) is installed
    * The TV constantly resets after approx. 2 min
    * Problems after the installation of Widgets and Applications on the TVs  

After replacing NAND , the original settings (stored in SPI Flash) and the firmware (stored in BGA Flash ) remain on the TV .
Therefore, you need to reset the TV (by holding the EXIT button on the remote during long operation) and uploading the latest firmware 001027

We do not guarantee that this component/kit will resolve the problems with your TV. It is offered based on experience and technical information available to us at the time of publishing of this listing and known to be more or less common for the listed models.


    * The item can get easily damaged during fitting or by static
    * We cannot be responsible for any components damaged while fitting
    * Installations of these parts are certainly not easy and must be done by professional technician with Micro BGA Soldering Skills
    * You may need microscope to get it soldered properly
    * We have had to secretly mark on all our items and take record of serial numbers of each item.

Except as expressly set forth in the item description, seller makes NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED warranties of any kind whatsoever about his merchandise and/or services. Seller is not responsible for consequential,incidental or punitive damages of any kind whatsoever, Seller's liability is limited to the amount paid by Buyer including shipping and handling charges.
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